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All brands want to enhance their profile, but often they just don’t know where to start.


Perhaps you:

  • Started a new company and need guidance developing your key messages, and who to share them with…
  • Have a new product or service to launch and need to stand out to key journalists and influencers…
  • Want to be a thought leader in your industry and need professional writers to help articulate your ideas…


Our team of experts guides you through the PR and communications process from the very beginning to ensure your concepts and goals are organised and your experience is enriching and positive.

Our Services

✪ Press Release Development
✪ Media List Development and Distribution
✪ App Development
✪ Visual Identity Documents
✪ Logo Creation
✪ EDM Design + Copy
✪ Website Design + Refresh
✪ Customer Research and Validation
✪ Photo + Video Production
✪ SEO + Google AdWords
✪ User Experience Navigation
✪ Branding Concepts + Proposal Preparation

If your brand is yet to invest in anything you’ve read on this page, then it’s time to get in touch.


I’ve worked with Kate on multiple projects, developing apps, building innovative tech companies from the ground up and most recently we ventured into the hotel market together. She is completely results-driven and works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for clients. Her commitment to detail has made a real difference on a lot of projects.
Bennet Dalton

Founder at Make Your Idea

I’ve worked with Kate for more than three years and I can comfortably say Kick Off Comms is one of the best in the game of PR and Comms! It doesn’t matter what I have taken to Kick Off Comms they are always connected, organised, creative and timely. The work we’ve done together from a tech development side of things is really impressive, and Kate is a key team member in helping our ideas come to life.
Norman Khan

Managing Director at HOSPMEN Consulting

When we took our business from restaurant to online, we knew we needed helo to drive traffic to our website. Kate drafted a great press release talking to our new offering and distributed it to all of the key journalists around Melbourne. Kick Off Comms also helped us with social media influencer packs and negotiated budgets and content with multiple outlets to secure some very helpful advertisements. I’d highly recommend Kick Off Comms for those who aren’t confident in their writing and need some guidance when it comes to engaging with key journalists/ influencers.
Ramey Samweil

Founder at Tremila

Like many rapidly growing startups, we’ve struggled with being time-poor. Collaborating with Kate over the past few years has really extended our reach and helped us make global waves. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s a pleasure to work with.
Trent Clews de Castella

Founder at Phoria

I’ve worked with Kate on many projects over the past five years, and I’ve always been impressed by her ability to understand clients’ needs and deliver high-quality outcomes. Kate has a knack for identifying the core elements of a client’s brand and bringing that to the surface in her work. She is incredibly perceptive and aware of concepts such as brand, story and positioning. I guess the best way to put it is that I never feel like I’m swimming through the mud when I’m working on a brief with Kick Off Comms – the ideas and strategies are always crystal clear and never laboured. It gives the work a strong sense of purpose, which I think clients always appreciate, and which translates to marketing and communications that genuinely communicate to its intended audience.
Engel Schmidl

Journalist, Editor & Copywriter